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Foods & Drinks :: About South African BBQs - "Braais", and BBQ equipment.

Throughout the world, various cultures engage in a social custom that entails some form of outdoor cooking. Nowhere is such activity more proudly celebrated than in South Africa, however, where the word "braai", meaning "barbeque", has become syno read more...

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News & Videos about Marketplace Africa -- CNN.com International

Harvesting papayas is Lemeul Mantey's livelihood. He's determined to get the best out of his trees, which grow in the farming community of Nsawam, west of the Ghanaian capital of Accra.

Building brands rooted in African pride has been the i read more...

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Home Improvement :: Gas Fireplaces: Adding Warmth To Your Home

No matter where you live, in a townhouse, a lakeside cottage, an urban loft, or a vintage Victorian mansion, there is always a place for a gas fireplace. Convenient and easy to use, gas fireplaces today offer an abundance of design ideas to suit b read more...

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No-Fuss, Modern Fireplaces - CBS News

During this cold winter, imagine having a warm, comforting fireplace in any room in your house.

According to David Gregg, senior editor of Behind the Buy.com, you can have just that with some eco-friendly fireplaces that are the new rage in read more...

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Charmglow Ventless Heater To Keep You Warm

The chilly winters make us sit close to a heater. If you also want to control your indoor temperature, nothing beats Charmglow ventless heater. It keeps you warm and is an important part of the house. These heaters are important in winters and dur read more...

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The Best Braai That Youll Love

A braai is a social event that has specific norms and social traditions. Women cook meat at a social gathering and the men gather round the grill outdoors and cook the food.

The great smell of braai food sizzling on the grill is choice of a read more...

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Is Off The Grid Living Feasible?

Five years ago, nobody had photovoltaic (PV) panels on their roof, today it is a common sight as more and more people live off the grid. I see daily on social media, like Facebook, many companies starting up in South Africa due to the country's un read more...